My Mercer Tunics

I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled across the Mercer Tunic but I do remember quickly realizing that those who had made it, had made it several times.  I wanted to give it a try because I needed more summer gear and I figured that any pattern that sewists are willing to revisit over and over again must be a good one.  I decided to try out a few different light and flowy wovens.

I found all of the fabrics at my nearest Joann Fabric and Craft store.  I picked up a 100% polyester crepe georgette, a Nicole Miller lyocell/linen blend, and a Silky Prints metallic rayon.  I wanted neutral colors and a light, summery feel.



I made the first tunic with the crepe georgette.  Allie from Indiesew was kind enough to respond quickly to my email and confirm that this would work well for the pattern.  I was super excited to hear back from her and I’m likely going to buy another Indiesew pattern for this reason alone. Thanks again!

Anyway, I was freaking out about how I was going to cut this slippery fabric.  I found a post by Grainline Studio that outlined how to use paper when cutting through silk.  This is exactly what I did and it worked like a charm.  The extra work (and wait time for my roll of newsprint to arrive) was well worth it because my cutting job turned out extremely well.  I used this method to cut out the other fabrics as well.  In fact, I layered the lyocell/linen blend and rayon and cut them at the same time.  I thought that the paper technique might be overkill but I also did not want to take the chance.  I guess I’m risk averse when my shears are in hand!


I was able to sew the first two up with no major issues.  I sewed a large first and then went down to the medium.  I skipped the buttons on the first version but I added buttons to the second to contrast the light color and make it a little dressier.  My button hole blunder turned out okay in the end.

I found it kind of tough to topstitch the neckline binding but I got the job done.  The extra thickness near the placard was a challenge for my feed dogs alone.  This was the tipping point for me and I went ahead and ordered a walking foot.  $50!  I hope it’s worth the investment.  I am going to use this baby to complete the third and final tunic.



The polyester frayed like crazy. The lyocell/linen blend will forever be wrinkled.  And I have yet to sew the rayon but it feels so cool and smooth.  Now I understand why rayon is a favorite among a number of people.  Poor man’s silk?  I’ll take it!

I will post an update once my third tunic is complete!  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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