A bathing suit may have been a better idea…

We spent a few hours at a community pool today for a farewell party.  It was damn hot.  And while I would have rather stayed in the comfort of my perfectly air-conditioned home, I had to say goodbye to friends that have been a part of my Houston family for many years.  See,  I’m not from TX but I got here as soon as I could.  Nope. No.  But if you’re acquainted with a true Texan, you can imagine how many times I’ve heard that.


So, the shorts.  I’m pretty happy with them.  They are the Chi-Town Chinos by Alina Sewing + Design Co.  There were many sewing firsts during this project.  Fly zipper.  Slash pockets. Back pockets.  Belts loops.  Bar tacks.  I also spent time making a muslin, twice.  My first muslin was way too big, a size 10.  The second, a size 8, was a pretty good fit save the extra fabric in the back.   In the future, I need to pay attention to the finished garment size per the pattern.  I would have saved a bit of time had I looked more carefully at the pattern information as it applies to my measurements.

Nowadays, I measure 29″ at my waist and 39″ across my hips.  I chose size 6 for the final, even though the finished garment size at the hips is 39″.  Using a size with zero ease seemed a bit risky for me but I took Alina’s suggestion to size down because cotton twill is prone to relaxing.  This worked out well for this Hobby Lobby cotton twill.


I increased the rise by an inch.  I will increase the rise a little bit more next time because I felt like I was getting a wedgie at times.  I did not foresee this problem with the muslin because I didn’t test the flat seat alteration with another muslin.  I just wanted to get things moving!

The flat seat alteration was pretty simple.  I did it exactly as written by Ann Rowley.  As she states, “This adjustment removes the equivalent of a fish eye dart from below the buttocks, shortens and narrows the dart and straightens the centre back seam, so reducing the shaping there.”  It would have been nearly perfect had I increased the rise just a tad more.


A bathing suit might have been a better choice for today’s adventure but I was eager to wear my new shorts.  Please pardon the wet spot and wrinkles!

The sewalong was a pretty neat event to participate in.  It was my first!  I appreciated reading Alina’s encouraging words throughout the process.

The chinos really are a nice, casual addition to my wardrobe.   I do want to make another pair with linen but I’m experiencing a little sewing shorts burnout.  That said, it feels good to have made shorts that are comfortable at my hips without the added slack at my butt!



2 thoughts on “A bathing suit may have been a better idea…

  1. 1. I’m from Texas…so the whole “I got here as fast as I could” comment literally made me laugh out loud. So true. 😀

    2. GREAT JOB!! These seriously look store-bought. Way to know your fabric and size down. Assuming you’ve already topstitched the center back seam (you could rip it out if you REALLY wanted to fix this pair), next time you can just adjust the back crotch curve (like this: http://itch-to-stitch.com/liana-jeans-sew-along-day-5-fitting-part-2/) with a low seat adjustment–you can actually do this as you’re making it. Move things as much as a 1/4″ as a time–you’ll be surprised what a difference a quarter inch can make! It will take care of that “perma-wedgie” as I like to call it. And again, if you want to pull out the center back topstitching, you can actually still adjust this pair. Thanks for following along with the sewalong!

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    1. I married a Texan so I feel obliged to poke fun! Thanks so much for the tip re: the crotch curve issue. I will definitely visit this link and try to fix them. I’ll let you know it turns out. 😊


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