New Look 6881

It has been over a month since my last post.  I’m bummed about this but I’m also a realist and there is just no way I can possibly have my shit together right now.

I was on vacation for a couple of weeks visiting family.  This is a picture of my daughter on the front stoop of my parent’s house.  She’s wearing a dress I made for her! (More on that a few paragraphs down.)

While I had high hopes of working on a quilting project and doing some sewing related reading during out trip, it did not happen.  Frankly, hanging out with my family and being lazy was just more fun.   Towards the end of my trip, I started feeling kind of crappy and my illness followed me home to Houston.

Three weeks ago all hell broke loose.  I had hoped that I would not get sick again but I did and while I am truly thankful for this time right now, it’s hard to keep it together when my health is compromised. I have the sickness.  The sickness that’s supposed to plague women in the early hours of the day, leaving them nauseated and retching.  Except that I’m truly special and it’s an all day, every day, extremely dehydrating enterprise.  With my first kid, it started at 6 weeks and ended around the 22nd week.  But at least it ended.  This is what I have to look forward to, the 22nd week when the smell of my own closet will no longer make me heave.

In the meantime, the posts will be light, my sewing will be less, and my husband and I will be in survival mode.   There will be really good moments and I’m looking forward to those.  And how can I not be over the moon to think I will have another as perfect as my first?

So back to the dress…


The dress is made from New Look kids pattern 6881.  It seems that it is no longer available for sale.  This is kind of a bummer because it is adorable and a really good beginner project.  I did the view shown in white, View C, with quilting cotton, white ribbon and eyelet lace trim.


I made this for her second birthday and I was super disappointed to find that it was way too big for her to wear to her party.  Since March, I have pulled it out of her closet to check the fit a few times.  When I started packing for NJ, I was excited to find that it would probably fit her.  The thought of taking pictures of her and having my parents see her in the dress was thrilling.  I must manage my expectations a little better.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a two-year-old?  She knows me.  She knew that I desperately wanted to get some good shots.  She was not compliant.  This was the best I could do!


Another perfect little one is on the way, ha!…I am in so much trouble.

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