A simple summer nightie.

The idea of sewing clothes for my kid did not interest me at all.  But like many makers, I imagine, I find myself making things I never thought I would.  Children grow out of clothes so quickly and I’m a bit picky about the projects that I take on because I have so little time to invest…especially with a newborn. (Yes, he’s here.  Finally!)

My son is darling but he’s also another reason to sew children’s clothes.  My postpartum body is not the ideal starting point.  It’s tricky to make a piece of clothing that I will fit into now and later when I’ve lost the baby weight (fingers crossed!)  Am I thinking too far ahead?  This is my current struggle with making my own clothes but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion…and one that I’m sure others have dealt with.  I digress.

So, back to this project…

My daughter has been described as “strong-willed”.

She refuses to wear anything other than a dress.  T-shirts? Nope.  Shorts? No way.  Skirt???!  No.  Her indignation has carried over into nightwear.  Forget about the traditional two-piece pajamas.  I’ve nearly lost an eye to a flung onesie.

Her resistance to normal sleepwear began with a Christmas nightie that I purchased from Target, made of fleece with that annoying Elf on the Shelf guy printed on it.  A dress she can wear to bed?  Yes, yes, yes.  She wanted to wear it every night, far into the new year and even as temperatures here started rising.  I didn’t get it and like many other toddler battles, I lost and let her wear it over and over again.

Eventually, I got tired of waking up to a red-faced, sweaty little girl so I set out to find a lighter version.  With no desire to shop around after a look around Target, I convinced myself that it might be fun to make one for her.  I found this free pattern for a Summer Nightie on the Sew Much Ado website.

The pattern calls for knit fabric with 30-40% stretch.  This being nightwear and with consideration for my daughter’s predisposition to sweat like a pig, I chose to search for a cotton knit.  I found a few options on fabric.com and settled on these three.  The first and third are 100% cotton while the unicorn print was a 95%/5% cotton/lycra blend.  I used another cotton/lycra blend, a dark grey heather jersey knit, for the neckband and armholes.  I would definitely recommend the princess unicorn print as well as the floral print.  They were super soft and a good weight.

The pattern is one size which could have been a bummer because I did not want to grade it to a different size.  I used it as is and got lucky.  It fit her perfectly.  The instructions were very clear and I was able to whip them up fairly quickly with my serger.  I sewed one in the funky, colorful fabric to check the fit and then I sewed the remaining two exactly like the first.



I expect that they will be in rotation all summer and I hope they make it through.  My daughter loves them and I got some much-needed practice using my serger.  The best part was watching her, the excitement on her face as she twirled around in her new nightie.


As for me, I’m on the search for patterns that will help me get through the summer as well as this body morphing miracle.  Fortunately, I see a lot of silhouettes in recent pattern releases that will work well and I’m excited to take on the challenge and get back to sewing my own clothes.

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