My True Bias Emerson Shorts

Last year I made the Emerson crop pants.  I didn’t blog about them or photograph them because it was just as the pregnancy symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks and all creative projects came to a screeching halt.  The pants were the last garment that I made before my bump really started to show.  It was really the perfect time to start a sewing blog.  …

Anyway, I was super happy with the way they turned out.  The pants fit well but I wasn’t really all that sure of the fabric.   Linen wrinkles.  I don’t want to make time to iron…or use starch?  And my only experience with linen had been with RTW clothes that were pricey and did not wash well.  (Thank you, J. Crew.)  But I live in a very warm climate and I hear that linen is perfect for hot weather.  It’s both breathable and lightweight.  And, if you catch a good sale, as I did, it’s not too expensive.  Fast forward to now, almost a year later, and I am pleased to find that the crop pants still fit me postpartum and I’m 99.999% sure it’s because of my fabric choice.

So I decided to use the same pattern in the same size to make shorts in the same fabric even though I’m about 15lbs heavier.  Hmm?  Given my current measurements and the garment finished measurements,  my Emersons have negative ease! …so technically they should be super tight but they’re not.  Last year, I cut a size 8 pattern and adjusted the back per my usual flat seat alteration.  (I say “usual” but I’ve only done it twice and I’m not even sure it’s the right adjustment for me…especially now.)   I went ahead and made the shorts version the exact same way.


It’s amazing what a good camera angle can do for your booty. I didn’t even arch my back.


Admittedly, the shorts are pretty darn snug when I first put them on (as shown above) but after a few minutes of wear, the linen relaxes (stretches?) quite a bit and they become the perfect lounge-y, summer shorts.


The linen that I used is from  It is the IL-019 multi-purpose linen in the color MONUMENT.  It is pretty much as described and you can see that the color is on the cooler side.  I also purchased a lighter grey linen, the IL042 900 FS Premier Finish and if these shorts continue to work for me, I will probably make another with this linen as well.  I guess I’m into grey shorts…  I’m also curious to see how the different fabrics affect the final product even though they are of similar weight.


Both the Odgen cami and Emerson shorts have become summer basics for me.  It’s not hard to understand why the patterns were released at the same time.  I will have multiple versions of each whipped up soon enough.  I’m also going to put some effort into really understanding what I need in my closet right now.  I hastily decided to get rid of all of my maternity clothes and for that reason, my everyday, stay-at-home mom gear is pretty drab.  I don’t need fancy but I do need them to fit well and meet the needs of my current lifestyle.  I think the Summer of Basics make-a-long will be the right motivation for me right now.  Those who participate have to “spend the next 3 months making 3 basic items for your wardrobe”.  One down, two to go!




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