My first Blackwood Cardigan

Hi there.  I am thrilled to be writing this post. Thrilled!  The completion of this post means that I set out to do what I told myself I’d do.  I followed through.  Hand me a gold star, champagne, or a shot of whiskey.  I did it!


I swear I’m not being facetious.  I’m really feeling good about completing this cardigan for many reasons.  First of all, this pattern is just so good I that I’ll make it again and again.  The cardigan is relatively simple to construct and it’s the perfect practical grab and go sweater for Houston weather.  Secondly, the past several weeks have been challenging AF.  #momlife  And lastly, only two weeks ago I decided that I really wanted to commit to making my own clothes on a regular basis, that is, at least one garment per month for the entire year.

So, with fingers crossed, here’s the first of twelve!


This one is probably pretty familiar to anyone in the sewing community that makes their own clothes.  The Blackwood Cardigan was released by Helen’s Closet in February of 2017 and it’s become pretty popular, even voted as Best Pattern of 2017 Award on  I completely understand the hype.  This is the first time I’ve sewn with jersey and I’m super satisfied with the end result.  I attribute that to the thorough instructions and design, for sure.

I made my cardigan out of the Dusty Pink Modal Polyester Sand Washed Jersey from Stylish Fabric.  Admittedly, I don’t think that I would have chosen this for the cardigan had I not seen it on another blog.  The blogger behind The Sara Project makes some pretty amazing fabric choices so I just went with her choice for this cardigan.  I’m all about copying other sewists for optimum results!  There is no shame in my sewing game.

Once I received the jersey, I washed it and cut out the size Large.  I sewed it up using my sewing machine and found it to be too big.  I was super bummed and the fit bugged me enough that I knew I wouldn’t wear it.  So…I took the whole damn thing apart with my seam ripper and recut the pieces one size smaller.  I felt like a mad woman while doing this, especially having to explain to my husband exactly what I was doing while on the couch watching TV surrounded by broken threads.

Luckily, the medium was perfect for me and the fabric survived reconstruction. I used my serger this time and it was a much faster process.


I especially like the cozy feeling of the long sleeves and cuff.  They were just so easy to sew together as well.


I don’t think I need any fit adjustments but I can see myself playing around with the length of my next cardigan.


The jersey is lightweight and sheer when stretched but surprisingly warm. Could that be the polyester?_DSC0030

Anywho, I’m really looking forward to making more of this cardigan.  Like the Odgen Cami by True Bias, it is a true wardrobe staple and I’m completely sure I’ll have more than one before the end of the year.  Speaking of the Odgen Cami, that is what I’m wearing under my cardigan by the way.  I made that this past summer. 🙂


So, until next month!  I hope to get my next garment done before the end of February with a little time to spare.  Stay well.




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