My Winslow Pants and Nikko Top


I’m super pumped to share this make with you for two reasons. 1.  This the first time ever that I’ve made a complete outfit.  I made the top and I made the pants.  How dope is that? And 2, this particular outfit is one that I’ve never thought that I could pull off and, I think I kinda nailed it.


I never believed that high waisted skirts, pants or shirts suit my body type.  And while I still think it true, I also think there can be exceptions to any rule.  As I’ve gotten older I’m less and less interested in hearing myself talk about my flaws.  I feel this way even more so after having two children.  Pushing out two kiddos from the extraordinary pathway we call the vagina, after carrying them for at least 9 months EACH, has a way of making one appreciate their body.  So let’s move on and I’ll tell you why I think the Winslows by Helen’s Closet work for me.


The Winslow pattern has several views (or options) for shorts, culottes, and pants.  Let me tell you, I love Palazzo pants, and I kinda’ don’t care if they’re still in style this year or not. I had a couple pairs in high school and I’m so happy to have a new pair in my closet now.  The Winslows have a lot of body because of the box pleat in the front and back.  The back pleats make all the difference for me.


Another feature that I like is the pockets.  My 4-year daughter loses her shit when she gets a new dress with pockets and I completely get it.  They hold stuff.  I have stuff that needs holding.


The Winslows are super simple to make.  The invisible zipper may be the trickiest part but with a little practice, is easily implemented.  Even more easily implemented, is the Nikko turtleneck by True Bias.  OMG, I want to make like three more.  After I finished the Winslows, I decided, on a whim but with a lot of faith, to make this top to pair it with and by the next day I had finished it.  The only problem I had is that the neckband is a little too tight and kind of hard to get over my head.  But with a little meddling with my serger, I think I can fix that issue the next time around.


The fabric that I chose for the Nikko is something that I stumbled upon at Joann Fabrics.  It is a Poly/Rayon/Spandex blend called Slub Rib Paloma Grey. It is really lovely and super affordable.  Even after making one Nikko from the last 1.3 yards left at my neighborhood store, I have enough to make another version with sleeves.  I made the Winslows out of the infamous Tencel twill, 3 yards that I bought from via Amazon.  It’s easy to sew, has a lovely drape and airy coolness about it.  Perfect for Houston weather.

This outfit is a milestone for me.  I feel wonderful in it and even more empowered by sewing than ever before.  What a wonderful skill to have.  I am really, really looking forward to my next project.



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