Sew a Kalle Shirtdress, like, now.

At the beginning of the year, I set out to write at least one blog post per month.  I had a plan to capture, in blog post format, the things that I made.  It was a pretty good plan and I was really excited about it.  Now, we’re hitting the midpoint of the year and sadly, I haven’t quite, haven’t AT ALL, kept up with my plan to blog.  As per my usual habit, I am beating myself up for this.  I used to live by deadlines, milestones, quarterly reviews, and now I’m having trouble just meeting the goal of writing 12 blog posts this year.  (Insert major eye role.) Part of me wants to take some time to figure things out.  Why am I failing? Why don’t I write? What are the barriers? And the other part of me is screaming, “Hey bitch, you’re sitting at your computer right now…stop obsessing and get it done.”  So, let’s do this.

While I haven’t been producing any new content on my blog, I have been sewing quite a bit and doing an alright job of sharing some of my makes on Instagram.  I’ve made everything per my plan.

(Ok, so I haven’t put the buttons on my Camas Blouse but whatever.  I’m thankful for this decision because I recently fell in love with snaps. The hell with buttonholes for a bit.)

The best thing about these patterns is that I will, without a doubt, make them again.  They were all a success in their own way and with each project I learned something new.  My absolute favorite make so far has been the Kalle.  I made two.  First, the cropped version and then, the full length shirt dress.



I enjoyed sewing the Kalle so much (despite the need for buttonholes.)  It may have been the crisp fabric that made constructing them so enjoyable or the guaranteed success that comes with the in-depth instructions and tutorials of any Closet Case pattern.

I used a White Seersucker Shirting for the cropped version and for the full length version I used a tencel shirting.  Both fabrics were from Style Maker Fabrics. The white seersucker is sold out but there is a charcoal version that looks pretty dreamy.   They were both a breeze to sew.  I cut out the pattern pieces with ease and they both held their shape throughout construction.


The collar was my favorite part.  It was a process that I wouldn’t expect to have the patience for but once I saw the detailed tutorial for sewing a sharp collar point, I was hyperfocused on getting a crisp, pointy collar.  I live for tricks and tools that can really yield quality results.  I’m a nerd in that way.  I want to know the best way to do anything.

Anyway, they are a few techniques that you will practice while making a Kalle.  Aside from sewing a collar, you will sew a shirt yoke using the “Burrito Method.”  This is a technique that creates a clean concealed finish at the shoulder seam.  You will also construct a button placket and sew on a patch pocket.



My other favorite part of this pattern, is that all but one seam is concealed.  The only seam that needs to be finished is the side seam…or side seams.  There are 2. 😉

You will get a professional looking result when sewing this pattern.  The tutorials are all online and free, so if you want to learn a few new techniques and have a wardrobe staple without any major fitting fuss, make a Kalle shirt dress, like now.  Choose the Kalle if, like me, you’re strapped for time but you want to practice a few different techniques and have something that you will absolutely wear.  You will not regret it.  I didn’t and I’m looking forward to making a tunic version with sleeves in the Fall.

Maybe I’ll even write about it. Or not.


P.S. If you’re interested, here is the rest of my 2018 sewing plan:










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