Aww Suki Suki now.

_DSC0186I bought this fabric ages ago.  In fact, I bought it almost exactly two years ago when I was doing an awful lot of fabric shopping with hardly any plan for what I was buying.  I’d like to think that I’m being more thoughtful about my fabric purchases now.  One might say I’ve gotten pretty boring.  I’ve been choosing black, white, gray, more solid colors (from a specific color palette), more stripes, and less floral and colorful fabrics.  I mean, this is what you do when you’re trying to create a collection of perfectly curated clothing, right?  (Insert eye roll.)

If I remember correctly, I bought the last 1-5/8 yards of this fabric from Hawthorne Fabrics.  It is a rayon challis from Joel Dewberry’s Flora collection.  This is one of a few different colorways and who cares because it’s no longer available.

I was so happy to snatch the last bit up even though I didn’t have a plan for it and now, two years later, I’m thinking, “do I even like it? and damn, what can I make out of 1-5/8 yards of 44″ wide fabric besides another Odgen cami?” I can hear my husband now, “So, you’re not sure you like the print or color of this fabric, but you wish you had more of it?” Yes, exactly.


Anyway, in the process of being heavily influenced by the capsule wardrobe and curated closet craze, a lot of my very colorful, vibrant fabrics have been sitting in a bin and I don’t know what to do with them.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google”capsule wardrobe” and you’ll have a million articles to tell how to create one of your own. Or read this article to find out how you’re doing it all wrong.)

So, what do you make out of a beautiful, vibrant piece of fabric that doesn’t necessarily fit into your current style?


Suki Kimono to the rescue!  I had planned to participate in this month’s Sew My Style challenge but as the end of the month approached, my participation seemed less likely.  Then I saw a version of the kimono with an alternate front band, discovered the short cover-up hack, and voila! I decided to sew up the kimono at the very last minute.  I immediately felt that the kimono cover-up was as equally unique and fun as the fabric I had stashed for two years.

I was able to finish the kimono over the course of 3 days, with lots of breaks and childminding. I used french seams throughout and kept the seams of the front band and sleeve band concealed by folding one edge over and fastening it by stitching in the ditch from the top.  I could have used my serger but this was a quick enough project that I decided to take some time on finishing.


I cut a medium and didn’t make any other changes than those required to make the cover-up version.  I will adjust the shoulder seam the next time I make this.  I have forward shoulders so I seem to always need to make this adjustment.  I’ll live with the fit of this version because the placement of the shoulder seam is likely something only I’d notice.


I might even make it a bit longer as well. But isn’t it gorgeous as is?!


This is a very, very simplified version of Helen’s design but it was exactly what I needed to make good use out of this fabric.   Consider this the next time you have an odd piece of fabric, one that doesn’t quite fit into your everyday wardrobe but makes for a unique and fun, short cover-up. You won’t regret it!



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