My first Style Arc make, the Indigo Maxi Skirt

Child-rearing is a glamorous job, I tell ya.  Yesterday, I wore four different outfits.  I mean, if that’s not glam I don’t know what is.

Granted, my first wardrobe change was because I underestimated how hot it would be. (I’ve lived in Houston for 15 years, so I’m not sure how that’s possible.) The second time, I splashed hot grease on myself while transferring ground beef to my slow cooker. The third time, my son spilled warm milk on me from his (leak-proof!) cup.  Finally, I just put my pajamas on and said f’ it.

So this isn’t exactly Beyonce livin’ but at least I can laugh about it…today.

So when you can drop the kiddos off at Mother’s Day Out and have a good chance of keeping the same outfit on for at least half the day, you put some eyeliner and mascara on, you curl half your hair and you take some freakin’ pictures!


Anyway, I made this maxi skirt with some inspiration in mind, here, here and here. I had pinned them to a Pinterest board many moons ago.  When I found this fabric from Style Maker Fabrics, I decided to go for it. It is a rayon crepe that maintains a vertical wrinkle if not pressed.  I thought this quality would make it tough to sew but it actually made it a bit foolproof, and maybe a flowy maxi skirt is just the ticket.  I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for rayon crepes in the future.


I used the StyleArc Indigo Maxi pattern.  This is my first Style Arc pattern and there are so many others I’d like to try. It’s, for sure, a pattern I’m glad I didn’t try to tackle a year ago because I would have scrapped the entire project. Boy am I spoiled by the in-depth directions of a Closest Case, Helen’s Closet or True Bias pattern! There are no detailed step by step instructions or illustrations for this pattern.  Don’t get me wrong, there are instructions and there is one diagram, but I wouldn’t have been able to figure them out without some experience.  There were definitely a couple of head-scratching “why is this so hard?” moments for me during the construction of this skirt.

I actually didn’t even follow the instructions for the waist band.  I referenced the directions for constructing the Emerson cropped pants to add the waistband because it’s essentially the same, a partial elastic waist with an interfaced, flat front.



_DSC0035I cut a size 10 and didn’t make any fitting adjustments per se.  I did increase the bottom hem by 20 inches and the length by 6 inches.  (I’m 5’6″ so this skirt would have been ridiculously short on me if I hadn’t.)  I didn’t want such a straight silhouette but I did want the large pockets and buttons.  Which, by the way, are sewn onto a faux button placket as designed per the pattern. There was no buttonhole sewing here! and you can see where the skirt opens below the last button because it’s sewn shut.


I should mention that the pockets gave me a bit of trouble but only because I forgot to consider what increasing the bottom hem would do to the rest of the skirt.  Swinging the side seam out means that the skirts’ gonna get bigger everywhere except at the waistline. Duh!  So in order to keep the pockets (and vertical stripes) perpendicular to the center front, I also had to make the pockets bigger.  I had just enough fabric to recut them and I’m glad I did.  I think they are the best part of the skirt.


My other favorite part is the hemline. It’s rounded with side-slits and although it hangs funny when I’m standing, I like the feeling while I’m walking. The skirt feels light and breezy even though it reaches my ankles.


I’m happy that was able to use the pattern and make it my own. I have something else in mind for this pattern, a mash up between this and the Kalle, a maxi shirt dress in a light and breezy fabric! …but we’ll see when it comes to fruition.

This skirt makes me feel great.  It’s kind of got a boho vibe and I like that I feel put together but super comfortable and loungy.  I can change out of it while caring for the kiddos or I can bank on black concealing most stains!  Fingers crossed.


One thought on “My first Style Arc make, the Indigo Maxi Skirt

  1. The pockets ARE great! Also I would not have guessed that placket was cosmetic. Super sneaky. ^^ The skirt looks really polished, I’m sure you’ll get a ton of use out of it!


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