My Color Palette

Hi there!  If you’re new to my blog here is an update! I am currently working through the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe program.  This is a three-week program hosted twice a year that will help you plan your garment sewing.  While the program is active, participants receive a dispatch (or worksheet) that helps lead them through the program.  However, as a member of Seamwork, you have access to the DYW resources at any time so you can do the exercises for each dispatch whenever you’d like.  I’m a member!

design your wardrobe 2019

The deliverable of the first week of DYW is a mood board.  The image above is my first version created back in September.  I used Pinterest and Canva to create a digital mood board and I was really happy with it.  ….But then I decided to change it for two reasons.

First, I realized that having a physical mood board was more beneficial.  I printed the images from Pinterest and arranged them on a cork board.  I have had this cork board for ages and it was super helpful in laying out the printed images and also transporting my work in progress to different rooms in my house. #momsgottamultitask  I plan to hang the board for future inspiration and planning.

With the prints, I was able to move the images around, put them next to one another quickly and really make sure that the mood was cohesive. I added a few more images and removed a couple but overall I think the concept is the same.  Sophisticated Relaxed Shiny…and maybe even a little moody.


My second reason for revising my mood board was to remove the fashion photos.  At this stage, I decided to remove them because I wasn’t as sure of the kind of garments that I wanted to make.  Initially, I thought I wanted to make loungewear.  I do spend a lot of time at home but I’m also out and about throughout the day bringing the kiddos to school and maybe running errands. Moreover, I end up in such a better mood if I’m “dressed” for the day. I also really, really, really need to use fabrics from my stash and I don’t have many fabrics that will work for loungewear.

The main deliverables of the second week of Design Your Wardrobe are a collection of fabric swatches and a defined color palette.

I went through all of my fabric over the course of three days.  This exercise was tiring but totally worth it.  I was inspired again by the fabrics that I had purchased and also happy to find that most of the fabrics in my collection were congruent with my mood board.  I cut small swatches and added a label to the back.  On the label I wrote a short description and the amount of yardage.  I ended up with an obscene number swatches!

With my swatches, mood board, and guidance from the Week Two dispatches, I was able to define my color palette.  I picked four basic colors: burgundy, navy, blush, and olive green as well as three neutrals: black, dark grey, and a creme-y white.  I also picked a few accent colors and a few prints.  They are shown in the images as well. I expect to narrow this down a bit more or even swap out some of the prints and accents for others, once I choose the looks I want to create.



I also grouped the fabrics in categories.  I split all my swatches into knits and wovens and then grouped them further into neutrals, solid colors, denim, stripes, plaids or ikats, as well as prints. I felt like this will be useful when I start trying to plan different looks.  We shall see! My color palette may completely change after the next exercise.

The last step of Week Two is preparation for Week Three.  It involves bringing your mood board and color palette over to your closet and finding garments that will work with the mood board and palette that was created.  I personally love this idea and I plan on doing this over the next week or so.

I plan to give another update next week. If all goes as planned, I will have chosen the garments to make and I will have a project queue.  Yay!  This is incredibly satisfying.

Definitely check out Seamwork’s DYW recources. It seems that signups for the next Design Your Wardrobe series open again on January 21.  Is this something you might try as well?

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