Spring 2019 Sewing Looks

Hello hello hello!  I’m back with another update.  I’ve just finished up one of the major deliverables of Week Three of the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe program.  (Sign ups were on January 21st, by the way!)

During Week Three, you essentially plan your looks.  This plan includes choosing a collection of looks and also creating a queue or sewing project plan.  I have only gotten so far as choosing my looks and I’ll update you with my detailed plan later.  Did I mention I used to be a Project Manager?  My plan could get more detailed than it needs to be so I’m trying to reel it in….  In the meantime, take a look at the looks that I’ve chosen!

The first is pretty simple. I suppose you’d call this an oversized T-shirt look? I have a few fabrics that I’d like to use but my main choice is this striped rayon jersey from Cali Fabrics that I’ve had for ages. The other fabrics are from Joann’s and will probably serve to make a muslin, or two if needed. I chose the pattern because there are a number of views available and although the shirt in the fashion photo is shown with a crew neck, I love V-necks.

_dsc0536Inspiration Photo|Pattern

This next look is a T-shirt dress with a jean jacket.  I like that the dress can be dressed up easily but looks incredibly comfortable.  Admittedly, I have a jean jacket but it blows.  It’s a little snug in the shoulders so I often feel uncomfortable wearing it over a thicker layer.  Admittedly, I haven’t tried it on in a while.  I have a 10 oz cotton denim already and a dark grey ponte that I could use for the dress.

_dsc0539 Inspiration Photo|Jean Jacket Pattern|Dress Pattern

Overalls!  I love the overalls look, especially with a turtleneck.  I don’t know, I think the juxtaposition of a preppy turtleneck with a relaxed fit working garment appeals to me.  Luckily, I have both patterns, some lovely dark denim and a ribbed knit already.  I will have to change the shape of the leg on the Jenny Overalls pattern but I can pretty much start this look right away!

_dsc0541  Inspiration Photo 1|Overalls Pattern|Inspiration Photo 2|Turtleneck Pattern

This next look is something that I can achieve pretty easily.  I have the Blackwood Cardigan pattern and I’ve already done pattern alterations for my forward shoulders.  I’ll just need to buy a very good quality, light sweater knit. For the tee, I may opt for the Grainline Studio Lark Tee pattern or just use the Panama Tee dress pattern that I already have.

_dsc0544-2 Inspiration Photo1|Inspiration Photo 2|Cardigan Pattern|T-Shirt Pattern

This is a look that I like but I haven’t developed fully yet.  I don’t have a pattern or fabric to complete the Raglan Tee.  However, the Mandy Boat Tee Pattern is totally free so I may choose it instead.  This look could easily get pushed to the Fall if I run out of time.  I don’t have fabric for it either.

_dsc0548-2 Inspiration Photo 1|Inspiration Photo 2|Raglan Tee Pattern| Tee Pattern

I really like oversized collared shirts and I have made a Kalle already.  The main look here is an oversized long sleeve denim shirt layered over a tee.  However, I may piggyback on this look and make a couple of short sleeve versions because, why not?

_dsc0549-2 Inspiration Photo 1|Inspiration Photo 2|Pattern 

This last look is basically an olive green jacket layered over a tee and leggings.  Do you think I have enough T-shirts planned?  … Me neither.  I don’t know if I want to make the Kelly Anorak yet because of the time required so I’ll probably place this toward the end of my queue.  I have a pattern for leggings but I’ll need to source all fabrics for this look.


So, there they are, seven looks for this Spring! My concept was Sophisticated Relaxed Shiny and depending on my fabric choices, accessories and styling, that may come across.  I’m less worried about “staying in concept” then I am having clothes that I like to wear.

This is ambitious but I think it’s totally doable with consideration for the garments that I already have. For example, I have a jean jacket and I have jeans that will help to complete the looks.  I’ve also chosen a few basic knits which are usually pretty easy to fit and sew up. I’ve also made some version of one or two of the garments before so that patterns are cut out and altered.  The most challenging garment will likely be the overalls just because I always have to do some kind of alteration on pants.  Again, the jacket will be time consuming so I may find an alternate option.

The next step in this process will be to create a plan.  I may also dive right in to make the garments that I can make right away.  I want my plan to be realistic but I want to push myself and commit to a timeline.  Afterall, Spring will be here very soon! Yay!

How will you choose your looks for this Spring?


2 thoughts on “Spring 2019 Sewing Looks

  1. Fun collection of pieces for spring! And no, you can never have enough tees, right? I like that it can work as a kind of capsule, too, depending on your fabric choices. For me, I’m using my make nine as a guide and am trying to stay focused. I’m easily distracted by new patterns, so I need to keep to my general framework while still giving myself enough wiggle room for something different so I don’t get bored.


    1. I did the make nine last year but I didn’t follow through 100%. I feel like this framework is right for me…assuming I make the time necessary! Have you posted your make nine plans?


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