Hi there!  I’m Rebecca.  At this stage in my life, there are only a few things that I do selfishly which really bring me joy.  1. Drink my morning moka pot brewed faux espresso with milk and sugar.  2. Shower, although one could argue that everyone benefits from this act.  (I have a four year old girl and a one year old boy. The struggle is real.)  3. Sew!!!  (This list is short for dramatic effect.  You get the point.)  I do other stuff as well but that’s not why we’re here.

I created this blog to have something of my own as a way to channel my creative energy and to document the things I’ve sewn.  If this becomes a space for people like me who love to sew, are learning to sew, and perhaps need a little bit of inspiration along the way, well, that’s cool too.  I will share my projects and discuss what I’ve learned, what worked for me, and what didn’t.  I’m looking for opportunities to meet those who share my love for sewing and are willing to help and provide encouragement along the way.

I will post about clothes that I’ve made for me.  I am sure I’ll sew other things and share them here but I am mostly interested in apparel sewing for women.  I dream of a perfectly curated wardrobe, clothes that I actually want to wear and that fit my current lifestyle of the stay at home mother of two young children that occasionally likes to be fancy.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am beyond proud of you and ecstatic about you journey in the world of blogging and sewing! You’ve always been a talented artist in various aspects and I’m glad you’ve found your nitch. Can’t wait to see more of your creations!

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